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Plum Island Salisbury Beach getting whacked live beach cam.

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Thursday’s fast moving coastal Storm, Bill Ryan report.

A fast moving coastal storm will affect Cape Cod (as well as NYC, CT and RI) on Thursday.

Low pressure is expected to form today over VA, then intensify rapidly offshore south of Cape Cod during the day Thursday. Because this storm will still be in the process of strengthening as it passes SE of Cape Cod, and it will exit very quickly late Thursday, the wind and sea effects will be less than the usual big storm. In addition, the moon phase is waxing gibbous, short of a full moon, so tides not as high as they could be.

Precipitation will begin as rain Thursday morning on the Cape then switch over to snow. Heavy snow is expected during Thursday afternoon, roughly 1-5 pm. Snow will taper off and end near midnight. Strong winds might get us close to the blizzard threshold although no Blizzard Watches are out at this time.

Winds will back to the ENE by early afternoon and quickly ramp up to near gale force. On the good side, wind direction will continue to back through the day becoming NNW by roughly 7 pm. High tide is late morning on Thursday so that helps a bit to limit erosion. On the other hand, strong NW winds will continue through Thursday night and into Friday morning. NW facing beaches will bear the brunt of this storm.

The most interesting aspect of this storm relates to snowfall type and amount.
Due to the timing of the strong pressure drop expected with this storm, it is likely that the bulk of the snow will be associated with 1 or 2 very strong snowbands. Hard to predict the location, timing and speed of these bands until a few hours out. As a result, be sure to check the very latest forecasts for snow amounts as they will be changing.
Also, the nature of the storm also suggests “fluffier” than usual (for the Cape) snow which will inflate snow amounts.
Although winds start ENE, they will likely be more NNE during the day leading to “Cape effect” snow adding to the amount from Wellfleet southward.

And one last thing: Listen for thundersnow during the afternoon Thursday.

“Whatever truth drops on, it eventually grinds it to a
powder.” Art Blakey

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Turks Dolphin report:

JoJo Taxi Service Day
Hi All, We come out on the water hoping that the forecast will prove wrong. The predictions is for thunderstorms. We have brought a great horse friend from Tennessee with us. She has been coming for a number of years and met JoJo a few times. She’s dying to see Whizzer. She’s dedicated her whole life to animals, primarily to horses so she gets my passion. We see two huge catamaran motor boats coming our way. There are people in the back looking into the water on the first boat. The second boat is following closely behind. A sure sign of JoJo in their wake. He is there alright! We follow along waiting for them to go somewhere he doesn’t want to go! He gets a little behind and changes to the second boat’s wake. We still bide our time. Success! They turn into Leeward and JoJo comes to us. He stays in our wake until Half Moon beach then branches for some serious fishing. This can take some time. Dolphins eat about 20 pounds of fish a day. When he fishes in this area he isn’t crater fishing, he is chasing after fish. It’s easy to tell because when he dives he uses his tail to propel him down. Just like whales this gets this gets him deeper in the water. If you are watching whales and you see their tail (fluke) they are about to do a deep dive and you probably won’t see them for a good twenty minutes. With JoJo he will pop up pretty far away from his spot of entry. We keep a close watch so we don’t lose sight of him. This is not a good time to swim with him because he’s flying through the water in hot pursuit of fish. A tour boat comes along with scores of people all hanging out of the boat trying to get a glimpse of JoJo. He can’t resist. He has to put on a show. They are all dancing around the boat, hooting and hollering (rum punch will do that to you). Soon, they have all checked, “seeing the dolphin” off their to-do list and we are left alone with JoJo. He now wants to head to Pine Cay. He branches off before we reach the end of the island. He is milling around and this may be a good time to get in with him. I slip in and he comes right up. Melanie hops in and he starts heading out toward the reef. I think he wants to fish more. We lose sight of him. I’m hoping we will find him again and perhaps the others will be joining him. However those storms that were predicted are heading our way and we’re off dodge the rain!

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Scientists getting political.

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Scot Pruit, new EPA could do irreparable damage to our planet.

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Turks dolphin report.

I’m Back!
Hi All, After a quick trip home, we arrive in Provo anxious to see how are new out board motor is going to work. I drop John off at the shipyard where the motor has been installed. He has to drive around and pick me up at Blue Haven where we keep the boat when we are on island. After all that, we are finally out on the water with the new motor humming along. The first thing we have to do is of course find the dolphins. This will be a little harder than usual because they know the sound of our old engine and will come to us if they hear us in the area. Dolphins have a great sense of hearing. We start out past the resorts. A couple at the Shipyard told me JoJo had taken a ride behind their boat to The Royal West Indies, a resort right down from Ocean Club. As we head toward the resorts, we pass a Big Blue boat. John notices that they have stopped. We radio and they tell us they just saw two dolphins. We must have just passed them. Again, because of the new motor they didn’t show themselves. We go back and look all over but can’t find them. We continue on making the loop to Beaches and back. As we approach Leeward, we see two boats circling slowly. Definitely dolphin sighting behavior! We motor up and I get in to find Whizzer, Bo and JoJo they hardly react to my presence. I don’t think they expected me because the motor was different! I get out for a moment and Whizzer “spy hopped” way out of the water. Dolphins can see above the water as well as they can below. He was definitely looking into the boat to see me. Hopefully, now they will associate the new motor with us. I get back in and they all come to greet me! Whizzer is now under Bo’s belly. He is getting bigger and bigger and is almost as long as Bo. Whizzer reaches under his mom’s belly to nurse. She has a slit on both sides where her milk is stored. There is nothing protruding that would slow her progress down in the water. Dolphins are built for speed. JoJo appears and Whizzer and JoJo play flipper footsie, an affectionate greeting. They come visit me a few times then start playing. JoJo opens his mouth just like Bo did. It appears to be mock fighting. Whizzer starts to get aroused rubbing himself against JoJo. He is such a teenager! All of this activity is taking place in Leeward Channel where the huge yachts are traveling in and out! I decide maybe I’d better get out! Start the day in Boston, end the day swimming with dolphins how cool is that!

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EPA former director looks at mistakes and successes.

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Turks dolphins excellent video.

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Hawaii, lava plunges into sea, dramatic footage.

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Europe; monster winter storm 50 foot waves in the Atlantic.

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