Posted by: coastlinesproject | May 31, 2017

Trump intervention?

Chapter 44

The “I” Word

May 22, 2017



OK I’ll admit it. Like other people, I’ve used the “I” word and mocked our President on occasion. But now I think we have it wrong. The “I” word we should be using is not impeachment but intervention and we should be showing compassion to a man struggling to cover up what appears to be rapidly advancing dementia.


The signs are all there. If you look at past clips of the president he could be funny, articulate and in control. Now you just see hollowed out eyes, a blank stare and someone struggling to find the right word or remember a name or face. If those who work closest with him are to be believed, he often flies into a rage, perseverates about perceived slights then tweets his emotions in the wee hours of the morning to calm his brain and get some sleep.


These are all symptoms of swiftly advancing Alzheimer’s disease, not unexpected in someone whose father developed the illness in his early Eighties, if not sooner. But it is difficult to diagnose dementia. Someone who is comfortable with media can cover up their symptoms for short periods of time, but the effort leaves them drained.


But I suspect family members and Trump’s inner circle see the diminished man and are getting concerned. There are legal ways out of this dilemma. They include impeachment and using the 25th amendment, which essentially requires the president’s closest advisers to stab him in the back.


But there is another way out of this crisis. Family members can step forward and have their father be medically evaluated. If the family and specialists agree that the president is incapable of holding such a stressful job they could persuade him to resign with at least some of his self-respect still intact. Then he can trundle off to Happy Dale, and we can get to the business of making America America again. Charge!



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  1. Very good, despite impeachment seeming to be much more satisfying! >

  2. Also possibly the signs of drug use, the kind prescribed, or over-prescribed, by his doctor.

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