Posted by: coastlinesproject | April 11, 2017

Chatham, April storm makes new break. May take pressure off Pleasant Bay. Looks pretty stable.‘Here-To-Stay’.htm


  1. Bill,

    The coastal geological speculation is that over time the southern route from the Fish Pier by Lighthouse Beach may further narrow and close, as the southern point of North Beach curves landward and attaches itself. Leaving the only route in and out of Pleasant Bay inlet that formed ten years ago and destroyed First and Second Villages on North Beach.

    The “Fools’ Break” will increase impacts on unarmored coast lines, and as it has already made Monomoy an island once again, cutting off land based predators from the refuge’s seasonal and migrating wildlife. The later is good thing.

    It will be interesting to see what the “Fools’ Break” impact has on the burgeoning seal population habitat as to expanding more onto Nauset Beach.



    If anything Pleasant Bay will further become unstable and water quality issues grow due to lack of tidal flushing.

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  2. That was my first thought as well. But I’m wondering if the tidal range will increase in Pleasant Bay if the 2007 inlet becomes the dominant one. As Ted Keon says I guess we will just have to seeā€¦. Thanks!

  3. A Couple of videos: From April 2 for the break

    From last weekend Aril 14 2017 of the break

    Nausea cottages after the winter:

    And the seals of Monomoy April 14

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