Posted by: coastlinesproject | January 24, 2017


More JoJo Taxi Service!
Hi All, Another great day with just a little more wind. We have some good friends out with us one of which has never met JoJo. He comes to our boat on our first pass by Leeward. JoJo wants to go past Pine Cay so we bring him alerting Sail Provo’s Captain Rock that we have JoJo with us. Rock is ever helpful in our quest to find dolphins and we try to return the favor. As we get to Pine Cay, it’s about time for lunch so, we turn into the channel between Fort George Cay and Dellis Cay our usual dining area and drop anchor. JoJo branches off before we get to the channel. I think he may be after lunch also and figure we can pick him up on our way back. After lunch sure enough he’s waiting not far down the coast from where he branched off. He swims to Spy Hop flips over and we glide over him. He’s now in our wake again as we make our way back down the coast. I want our guest to have a chance to swim with him so we slow down and drop anchor. JoJo swims slowly around the boat after he scratches for awhile on the anchor line. He goes into sleep mode as he circles the boat. Dolphins can rest half their brain while the other half is telling him to breath and watching out for predators. Dolphins are voluntary breathes unlike us. They need to be awake to decide when to breath where we can sleep and breath without thinking about it. This makes us involuntary breathers. Once his snooze is over, he wants to continue. We pull the anchor and pick him up in our wake. It’s now time for our guests to get back to the marina. We turn into Leeward and JoJo follows us all the way into Blue Haven Marina. He swims around while they are climbing out then plays a little with a jet ski (whose passengers were sure they saw a shark:))Soon he gets back in the wake and we pull out of the marina. We take him down toward Beaches. At this point, it’s getting late and we are trying to find a way for him to leave us so we aren’t leaving him! I see a sail boat that looks like one he might want to visit. We drive close by and he goes right over. I tell the people we are delivering a dolphin! The plan worked and we can go check for whales without feeling quilty for leaving him! We don’t see any whales but we can again can hear them with our hydrophone!


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