Posted by: coastlinesproject | November 17, 2016

Turks and Caicos dolphin report, time to forget politics for awhile!

Hi All,
Today isn’t the most beautiful for Turks but the sea is flat. I haven’t seen JoJo since last June and couldn’t find him yesterday. We have the lady on board that told me about Turks and Caicos over 20 years ago. She is a travel agent from Massachusetts and has been following my blogs. The pressure is on to find some dolphins!
After heading out of Leeward we follow the shore toward Turtle Cove, all eyes on the water. No Dolphins! We head back past Leeward gesturing to all tour boat captains to see if they have seen JoJo. They all give the arms out where’s JoJo?
gesture back. Now we are traveling along Pine Cay the beautiful private island where a few lucky people have houses.
I see a dorsal out toward the reef. John skillfully maneuvers Spy Hop toward the dorsal. There are two dorsals. I whip on my flippers, grab my camera hope, I don’t forget how to turn it on to the right program and slip in. John hands me my water scooter and I’m off to see if I know these dolphins. They let me come right up to them, of course it’s Bo and Whizzer. Who else would be so trusting. Whizzer is in the usual traveling calf position right under Bo’s belly. Bo glances back to see if it’s me and lets me come close. Pretty soon she heads to the bottom to crater fish. Apparently this is Whizzer’s cue to come see me. Bo eventually leaves for a long period of time leaving Whizzer to play with me. Whizzer has grown at least a foot in length and is heavier than when I last saw him in June. He has a bruise along his body that didn’t break the skin. He seems to be trying to see how close he can whiz past me without running into me! Two tour boats have noticed our boat has stopped and come to see if we have found dolphins. Whizzer shows off a little riding the bow wave but returns to me. Bo in the mean time has returned to be sure all’s ok with Whizzer.Once the tour boats leave Whizzer comes over and blows some really big bubbles, he then travels to the bottom and blows three more! I managed to get this on film.
I notice there is lightening heading our way and decide we’d best head to shore but not before thanking my dolphin friends for an amazing morning in their company. I am hoping they tell JoJo I’m back in town! our first meeting Whizzer blowing bubbles!
Jay Sargent author of
JoJo and Me


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