Posted by: coastlinesproject | October 4, 2016

Hurricane Alert: Mathew, could hit Florida as a Cat 5 Hurricane Thursday.

‘Matthew the Monster’ tonight… looking mean indeed! Doesn’t appear to want to weaken as we have a real US threat THIS week. Parts of the Florida east coast might be under Hurricane Watches in the AM. GA/SC/NC also have legitimate worries starting to brew. Latest GFS skirts Florida and goes into SC. Models will fluctuate but the threat is becoming real. This isn’t a little Tropical Storm… this is a MAJOR hurricane possible Cat 4 or 5 effecting Florida Thursday and Friday. A small shift east could help keep in out to sea… and small shirt west puts the Sunshine State in trouble (even more). The Bahamas have very little escape. from Mike’s weather page an excellent site to find spaghetti models.


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