Posted by: coastlinesproject | August 8, 2016

Massachusetts passes strong clean energy bill.

A Major Victory for Clean Energy in Massachusetts

You urged your state legislators to pass a strong clean energy bill, and they listened! Now it is time to say, “Thank you.”

Take Action Today!

Thank You, and Your Legislators, for Massachusetts’s New Nation-Leading Clean Energy Bill

Dear Bill,

This past weekend, the Massachusetts House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill that will ensure the Bay State continues to lead the transition to clean energy for years to come. And we have UCS supporters like you—and our state legislators—to thank for this.

So please take a moment to celebrate, then join me in thanking your state legislators for supporting clean energy!

The final legislation includes enough support for offshore wind, hydropower, and other renewables to mean that by 2030 clean energy could make up 40 percent of Massachusetts’s electricity. It also enables renewable energy financing and advancements in energy storage to accelerate our transition to a clean energy economy.

And you can take credit for this strong outcome thanks to the thousands of messages UCS supporters like you sent urging your legislators to make passing a strong clean energy bill a top priority.

In addition, UCS prepared an analysis showing the potential for offshore wind, hydropower, and other renewable energy sources to cut Massachusetts’s risky overreliance on natural gas, reduce our global warming pollution, improve public health, and create jobs. We disseminated this important information through op-eds, letters to representatives, and in-person meetings with the House and Senate leadership.

Legislators listened, and with a strong push got the job done just moments before the end of the legislative season. Please take a moment to thank your state legislators for making our clean energy vision for Massachusetts a reality.

Massachusetts is now poised to lead the nation in developing offshore wind power at scale, allowing us to tap into a renewable energy resource that has the potential to power millions of American homes. Massachusetts is also in a much stronger position to do its part to address global warming, and continue to benefit from a growing clean energy economy that is generating good jobs.



  1. Excellent … Kudos to our state reps

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