Posted by: coastlinesproject | July 22, 2016

Monomoy Land Grab.

Dear Friend,
It’s Take Action Tuesday! Today we need your help to protect the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge from a blatant land give away.

It may seem like deja vu, but you read that correctly – ANOTHER national wildlife refuge is at risk from a Congressionally authorized land divestment. Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) protects wildlife and fragile coastal habitat on barrier islands jutting off the southern end of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Established in 1944 to conserve migratory birds, Monomoy NWR provides a haven for federally listed species like the red knot and boasts the largest haul out site for grey seals on the Atlantic coast of the United States.

Today, Monomoy NWR is under threat. Hill insiders report that Congressman Bill Keating (D-MA) plans to introduce a bill this week that would change the western boundary of the refuge to “mean low water.” Were this to go forward, it would give away 3985 acres – half of the entire refuge.

The intertidal areas at risk from this legislation support one of the largest horseshoe crab spawning sites in the state of Massachusetts. Their eggs play an integral role in the ecosystem where they are a food source for countless marine species and migratory birds, including the federally listed red knot.

Horseshoe crab eggs are critical to the survival of the red knot as they build up their energy reserves before making their 16,000 mile round-trip migration to the southern end of South America – at times flying up to 5,000 miles over six straight days without stopping! If this bill passes and the refuge boundary is changed, protections for horseshoe crabs would be lifted, exposing them to increasing harvesting pressure from the fishing and biomedical industries and robbing thousands of migratory birds of an irreplaceable resource.

Monomoy NWR belongs to ALL Americans, and this give away of our shared conservation resources will remove the assurance these resources will be conserved and managed for wildlife and the American people in perpetuity while simultaneously set a dangerous precedent for all public lands.

Please help us urge Congress to reject any legislation that would give away our public lands – including the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge.

Act Now

Thank you for Taking Action and we’ll see you next Tuesday!


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