Posted by: coastlinesproject | June 19, 2016

Turks Dolphin Report.

Hi All,
I have set the bar high with first a JoJo,Whizzer and Bo day, then a spotted dolphin day.
We spend the morning on the hunt for JoJo. We heard from various boat captains that he was on Grace Bay later in the day yesterday while we were playing with spotted dolphins. I start thinking up fun things to do to fill up our day in case we can’t find him til afternoon. We get off the boat on Dellis Cay where there is a building project that failed leaving a monstrosity of halfway built houses over looking the ocean. If nothing else, they are a great landmark if you have become disoriented on the water. They are also a good place to get out of the rain if you get stuck out that way.
Our Captain knows where the old cannons from the days of pirates are in front of Fort George Cay. We get in the water in front of Fort George Cay and find the cannons which are now covered in various ocean jewelry. I know this is a meeting place for dolphins so I’m procrastinating getting on the boat hoping someone may show up. Just as I climb in Spy Hop I see a dorsal which turns out to be two dorsals.
Bo and Whizzer are by themselves today. I don’t need any help from JoJo to swim with them. Actually Bo swims with me just as close as when I swim with JoJo. Whizzer of course is all over the place circling whizzing by upside down, zooming off, snuggling with mom etc.
Whenever he comes back after an excursion, he always checks in with Bo and they caress each other with their flippers. I finally get footage of Whizzer nursing it’s like they wanted me to see because Bo flips over so I got a perfect view. Whizzer finds never ending amusement at nibbling his Mom’s pec.
I see a large contingent of jet skis coming. They respectfully slow down and Bo takes us over for a look, much to the delight of the jet ski riders.
There is no better way to spend an afternoon than with dolphins! I could show you reams of footage but it was murky and it takes forever to publish from the island! You will see lots of Whizzer who is so easy to film.
Whizzer nursing

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