Posted by: coastlinesproject | January 23, 2016

Bill Ryan’s storm surge reports and snowfall guesses!

Storm surge reports this morning from VA, MD and NJ are in the range of 2-4′ but, at many locations, the surge is still increasing. No surge effects reported in New England as yet.

Sea state reports at buoys off the coast of Ocean City, MD and near Atlantic City, NJ range from 20-23′. The buoy off the Outer Cape reports 6′.

The heavy snow line is very tight in MA with locations just south as west of BOS still looking at a foot of snow. BOS is north of this band and expected to get much less (~4-6″). Cape Cod still uncertain but more than BOS. The issue as the storm moves northward is the creation of (mesoscale) bands of snow fall interacting with the land/ocean boundary. This kind of thing, on the scale of a few hundred km or less, is often seen with tropical storms and is terribly hard to predict more than a few hours out.

From what we have now this storm, in terms of sea state, is as advertised.


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