Posted by: coastlinesproject | December 13, 2015

Turks and Caicos Dolphin Love.

Hi All,
Now that I have the sad news out of the way, I can share the amazing love these dolphins have for their calves. First, I’m now quite sure Whizzer is Bo’s. This video pretty much confirms it. I also saw him nurse from her yesterday. Not only that but her other calf Lemon Lips, also had the yellow tinge on his lips and behaved like a wild man just like Whizzer.
We had battled thunder storms and lightening all morning and even given up for a few hours. We did take JoJo for a bouncing ride toward Pine Cay which ultimately got us soaked and bounced around before going in. A few hours later, it was still raining a little but we were dying to go out so we went back to the boat. It had rained all the day before and I hadn’t seen a dolphin since arriving. Paradise does have it’s storms!
We found all four dolphins on Grace Bay. The dolphins seemed glad to have me back. They came right over to the boat as I was racing around getting flippers, mask and scooter ready to go. When I got in, JoJo came right over and brought me to Whizzer who was with Bo and Raggedy Ann who stayed off a short distance. You will see in this video such love for this rambunctious little calf who is snuggling, caressing, bumping on occasion and pec nibbling both Bo and JoJo. There are also moments where he includes me by circling at speed sometimes upside down. Remember Bo has the perfect fluke and JoJo has many scars. My heart did go out for Raggedy Ann who lost her calf. The video may take awhile to load. I just couldn’t cut anything.
Jay Sargent author of
JoJo and Me
JoJo and Me II
JoJo Saves His Friends


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