Posted by: coastlinesproject | November 15, 2015

Turks; video of JoJo showing possible injury in his mouth.

Hi All,
Yesterday, I noticed JoJo kept opening his mouth which is not his normal behavior. Today, he seemed much more agitated and opened his mouth way more. At one point, he came up to me clicking loudly, opened his mouth and kept it open for me to inspect. Honestly, not being a vet, all I could see was a lot of perfectly spaced teeth! The best I could do was to send pictures of JoJo’s mouth to the vet on the island. He has insured me that things didn’t look bad and told me to keep monitoring it. Here is a video of JoJo showing me his sore mouth
On a lighter note, JoJo is once again helping with calf sitting duties. This is not normal male dolphin behavior but JoJo is no normal dolphin! Enjoy this video of JoJo and Whizzer.
please let me know if you can’t get to video or go to vimeo directly. I’m having a hard time with the internet down here
Jay Sargent author of
JoJo and Me
JoJo and Me II
JoJo Saves His Friends

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