Posted by: coastlinesproject | November 14, 2015

Turks and Caicos; Jay Sargent’s Dolphin Report.

Hi All,
It’s 12:30 and we are still looking for dorsals with no success. We see a tour group right outside of Leeward where JoJo, Raggedy Ann and Whizzer were yesterday. We head over and find JoJo! He is alone today. He clearly wants a ride and gets right behind our boat. We head all the way to the opposite end of the island where we can see the Northwest Point Resort. At that point, we stop because there are some treacherous reef heads that John didn’t think we should negotiate. As soon as we stop, JoJo heads over to the reef to scratch in the finger coral. I slip in and watch. He has the same little skinny fish swimming along his back as yesterday. I believe it’s a remora but he isn’t attached at the moment the way remora’s cling to their host. I’m not sure how he stayed with JoJo who was in the wake all the way here but, he did! JoJo then heads back, passes under Spy Hop (our boat) and starts scratching up and down the anchor line. On his trip down he notices a bungie cord. He points this out to me, as if to say, I believe this is from your world and doesn’t belong here! I dive down and pick it up while he clicks at it. Once that mission is accomplished he heads over to the back of the boat and points at the motor HINT HINT. I get in and we take him all the way back to the very end of Pine Cay. It’s now late and we head home.
If you watch the video you will see JoJo is opening his mouth. He regurgitated several times not to worry! I’ve seen this many times before!Other people may view this video via the Video Review Page:
Jay Sargent author of
JoJo and Me
JoJo and Me II
JoJo Saves His Friends


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