Posted by: coastlinesproject | November 11, 2015

Bill Ryan’s end of the hurricane season report. Bill would make an excellent speaker for our storm Surge lecture series.

The Atlantic hurricane season comes to a close.
In the Atlantic, El Nino, as forecast, suppressed hurricane development, with 10 named storms, 4 hurricanes and 1 major hurricane (>= CAT 3).
This is below average, especially in the higher end of storm strength.
Very different story in the Pacific with all sorts of records getting set, including three CAT 4 storms at the same time

BTW, here are some interesting areas of current research in climate:
Greenland melt and Gulf Stream
No consensus on this but continuing research over the next few years will be a good example of science at work.

Arctic sea ice loss and winter storm tracks:
This is also up in the air with good work on both sides of the issue.

Cod stocks in the North Atlantic:
Loss due to warming in the Gulf of Maine:
Increase in Newfoundland due to 20 yr moratorium:

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