Posted by: coastlinesproject | September 21, 2015

Boston: Sink or Swim. Live webinaire tonight.

On Sep 21, 2015, at 3:32 PM, Boston Athenæum <> wrote:

Watch Boston: Sink or Swim Live
The Boston Athenæum is proud to present Boston: Sink or Swim, a panel discussion on the impact of climate change on Boston and the surrounding areas. Watch the panel live tonight at 6 pm.

The Athenæum has long been a venue for intellectual discourse. Today, global climate change is recognized as an issue with consequences across a variety of disciplines, including law, government and public policy, economics, human rights, and culture.

The panel is moderated by Cynthia Barnhart, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Chancellor and Ford Foundation Professor of Engineering; and features MIT faculty members Alan Berger, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design; Kerry Emanuel, Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Atmospheric Science; and Markus Buehler, Professor and Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Can’t watch live? Visit the Watch and Listen section of our website for a recording of tonight’s event.

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