Posted by: coastlinesproject | February 15, 2015

Bill Ryan’s Chatham report.

Attachments: image-scatteree.jpg 8443970-stormsurge.png
Below is the 10:30 am picture from Dan’s web cam on Scatteree. This is just after high tide. You can see the winds have backed to west of north. The storm surge monitor at Chatham is not reporting but Boston (also below) crested last hour at 2′ and the surge was likely similar at Chatham.

Winds will continue to back to the NW then WNW today. Peak winds will be early this afternoon then a slow decline overnight with gale force winds likely until around mid-day Monday.

One last snow band is making its way east from Plymouth right now and that should be the end of it. Very bad blowing and drifting snow issues for the remainder of the day and into Monday morning.

The next storm – with some goofy Weather Channel name – will pass Tuesday afternoon and evening. Although it will paste the southern Appalachians and get a lot of headlines, right now it does not appear to deliver more than a glancing blow to the Cape. Chump change, at least compared to what we’ve become used to this winter.

we begin with certainties, we will end in doubt, but if we begin
with doubts and bear them patiently, we may end in
certainty” Francis Bacon


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