Posted by: coastlinesproject | February 14, 2015

Bill Ryan’s latest forecast.

Not much changing in the forecasts this afternoon. Strongest winds will be from sunrise Sunday until just after midnight Monday. There will be a brief period of easterly winds early Sunday but the strongest winds will be from the NW during the day Sunday. The NW winds will only gradually diminish during the day Monday.

The snow forecast continues to flop back and forth within the 6-10″ range. The snow will primarily occur overnight tonight and Sunday morning, tapering off Sunday afternoon. The strongest wind, therefore, will occur as the snow is ending so that blowing and drifting will be substantial.

Bitter cold in the wake of this storm, coldest of the winter. but it won’t last beyond Tuesday because the next round of snow is coming Wednesday. For what it’s worth, the pattern finally changes to moderate and less stormy by next weekend.

we begin with certainties, we will end in doubt, but if we begin
with doubts and bear them patiently, we may end in
certainty” Francis Bacon


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