Posted by: coastlinesproject | January 26, 2015

Bill Ryan Northeaster report.

Nothing good to say at this point. This will be a very, very bad Nor’easter.

The storm is just now getting organized off HAT. All the current observations at the surface and
aloft show that we are settled into a pattern where this storm will strengthen enormously over the next 24 hours.

The storm surge forecasts have all increased. The NWS forecast is a 3-4′ surge (an increase of 1′ from yesterday)
and the models on which they rely for this forecast are in that ball park. The worst of the surge is likely from just after midnight tonight
all the way to near sunset on Wednesday. This will include two high tide cycles. Although the afternoon
high tide is forecast to be 1′ lower than the morning astronomically, that really isn’t going to much matter given
the strength and duration of this storm.

The forecast models are giving wind speeds that I haven’t seen in a long time, if ever, although my memory
isn’t so great. In any event, gale force or higher winds from this evening until just after midnight Tuesday
night. Strongest winds will be NE from just after midnight tonight until they shift NW very early Wednesday.

Oh, lots of snow too. Check your rum supply and good luck.



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