Posted by: coastlinesproject | January 24, 2015

Turks and Caicos; Wild Dolphin JoJo Recovering.

Hi All,
I thank you for all your well wishes and prayers they seemed to have worked! I barely slept last night with worry. This morning we first saw JoJo going to Kitty Kat the Beaches catamaran. Then he was off to go fishing. Later he was visiting a few tour boats. Now this is the JoJo we all know and love!! He got in our wake for the first time in 9 days. We went really slowly which worked for him. He stayed in the wake for a pretty good distance then branched off to fish. I think he’s out of the woods!!
The link for the interview I did with PTV is it is at the end of the program. Clearly I need work on my umms!  (End of the January 22, show.)


Read more in; Islands in the Storm, Storm Surge; A Coastal Village Battles the Atlantic, Beach Wars; 10,000 Years on a Barrier Beach. Available in local bookstores, and Amazon, Also See Strawberry Hill, UPNE, and Schiffer book tabs at the top of this page. 10% will go toward the David Mountain Memorial Fund to provide environmental books to Cape Cod and North Shore students.




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