Posted by: coastlinesproject | January 23, 2015

Cape Cod twin Northeasters Saturday and Tuesday. Bill Ryan report.

Not much change in the forecast from yesterday other than that the storm is forecast to move a bit faster.

Cape Cod looks like almost all rain, beginning around sunrise Saturday and lasting through the day before ending close to midnight. Inland MA will see a nasty mix of freezing rain and wet snow with power outages likely. The closest approach of the center of the storm to the Cape will be during Saturday afternoon, not far from the time of high tide. As a result, we will see some surge. Forecast is ~ 1′ and that seems reasonable given the speed of the system.

Wind forecasts have crept up just a little and I still expect another slight increase. The strongest easterly winds will be early Saturday evening but the strongest overall winds will be NW in the wake of the storm around midnight. Likely up to gale force for a short time.

Sea state forecast peaks at 4-7′ for easterly swell but that will be beaten down quickly as the wind shifts to the NW.

These storms often follow one after another. In this case, the following storm will be further offshore as it passes Tuesday. This will limit precipitation to not much along the Cape. However, this storm will be slower moving so there will be a long slog of strong NE winds from Monday night through Tuesday and into Tuesday night. Near gale force winds through the day Tuesday. As a result, coastal erosion more of a threat with the second storm.


Read more in; Islands in the Storm, Storm Surge; A Coastal Village Battles the Atlantic, Beach Wars; 10,000 Years on a Barrier Beach. Available in local bookstores, and Amazon, Also See Strawberry Hill, UPNE, and Schiffer book tabs at the top of this page. 10% will go toward the David Mountain Memorial Fund to provide environmental books to Cape Cod and North Shore students.



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