Posted by: coastlinesproject | May 31, 2014

Plovers ruffle Northeast feathers.


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  1. Bill,

    You were faster then me in getting this story. I was just getting ready to send it to you when it popped up here.

    US Fish & Wildlife appears to be at first optimistic but later their thoughts turn pessimistic.


    CW Rice

  2. I live up here where the birds come first 🙂

    • Lost access to my Camp (house) on Nauset Beach last year for almost a hundred days all related to migrating plovers and least terns. No property tax credit is possible as that is not a damage.

      • Yes I lost and acre of land to Beavers till they stepped for on my land 🙂 Not right to bar someone from their home and land I paid for years to fish stripers and bluefish on Parker River but they shut it down like you said till the birds where done we could all get along but then again my dog behaves when there are still idiots who have dogs untrained lol children for that matter as well 😦

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