Posted by: coastlinesproject | April 22, 2014

Pleasant Bay Erosion; many trees down and banks have slumped.




  1. There may have been some erosion of the toe. But the picture clearly shows fresh sand being dumped over the bank, over an erosion control mat. I trust a conservation permit was obtained to regulate the filling and altering of a coastal dune. Didn’t see “many” trees lost, they appear to be coastal scrub pines, easily replaced. Although other native plantings would help hold the bank together.

  2. I agree with CW. This looks more like “nourishment” than slumping from erosion.

    • Yes sorry didn’t mean to imply this was primary erosion as you say it is adding soil to a an anti-erosion mat. Likewise with the trees a lot of them down along the periphery of the bay and toe of banks have eroded in a few feet. Some anti-erosion device problems as well, but certainly not as bad as after the inlets opened.

      • Glad to see you guys were paying attention!

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