Posted by: coastlinesproject | February 12, 2014

Dolphins harassing nurse sharks. They have been know to herd them toward scuba diving tourists and seem amused by what happens.

Hi All, Inline image 1

Yesterday we got to again witness male whales chasing a female. Maybe it was the same pod chasing another female?? However I promised dolphins so here’s what happened the other day! I got in the water with Frisky who was right at the boat. I followed him to where his mother was. As I approached I saw her swimming really fast around a dark shape. As I got closer I saw her harassing three nurse sharks! She seemed more intent on the largest one. I got some footage which shows the battle and Frisky swimming around keeping a safe distance from the activity. At the end you’ll see Julia and Frisky swimming off leaving the sharks. to see video and click blog

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Atlantic, Beach Wars; 10,000 Years on a Barrier Beach and The View From Strawberry Hill; Reflections on the Hottest Year on Record. See Strawberry Hill, UPNE, and Schiffer book tabs at the top of this page.

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