Posted by: coastlinesproject | January 29, 2014

Jay Sargent’s whale report.

Hi All,
As some of you may know this is the time of year the Humpbacks travel to the Caribbean to mate and have their calves. They are heading to three banks in the Caribbean where they all congregate. Turks and Caicos is on the way there. We see them come by any time from late Dec through March. Some people seem to think you see more from Gran Turk or Salt Cay but we have already seen three and heard of people on other boats seeing more.
Yesterday, we had a bit of a rough start when our engine alarm went off and the engine promptly shut down. Luckily, we weren’t across the reef!! We were in the channel heading out from the marina and were able to crawl back. Only in the Caribbean could you find a great mechanic who would come out on a Sunday and fix your engine! Jill, who has taken over Mike’s water sport program at Ocean Club so nicely came to our aid and gave me Elain’s number and he fixed the problem. By this time it was late afternoon so, we took a quick look around in case JoJo was in the area. We then decided to head out past the reef. The water was very smooth with big rollers spaced way apart making it easy to see whales!! As I was scanning the water, I saw a nose sticking out! Then we saw a spout. He went down then came up right beside our boat!! He then moved off and we saw one more spout as he traveled down the coast on his way to the Silver Bank.
This morning as predicted is very windy which means we will probably bring our boat back to Caicos Marina where it will stay for the next week while we are home taking care of business.

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