Posted by: coastlinesproject | October 1, 2013

Massachusetts; striped bass recreational catch decline.

As the fishing season winds down in Massachusetts, the legislative season is warming up. Stripers Forever will be asking for your support as we seek to advance bills aimed at protecting striped bass in the Bay State.
Our first request for any of you who live in and/or visit Massachusetts to fish for striped bass, is to gather quotations relative to your observation of the decline (or not) of our recreational striped bass fishery. Our goal is to add your voice to NOAA’s reported 85% decline in the recreational catch. Do you agree or disagree and if so what experiential evidence do you have to share?
If you are willing, please email your comments Keep your comments brief and on-point. We aren’t looking for complaints, but credible statements about the fishery from your personal point of view. Are you fishing more or less because of your experiences, Are you catching more or less per hour/trip? How is your striper fishing experience effecting your recreational spending decisions now and for the future etc…?
We would like to be able to attribute these statements and direct them to the attention of your legislators so please sign them with your name and address and include contact info as well.
This is a simple request. Your voice will only be heard if you speak up. Please do this now.
Thank you,
Dean Clark, MA SF Co-Chair

Read more in; Storm Surge; A Coastal Village Battles the Atlantic, Beach Wars; 10,000 Years on a Barrier Beach and The View From Strawberry Hill; Reflections on the Hottest Year on Record. See Strawberry Hill, UPNE, and Schiffer book tabs at the top of this page.

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