Posted by: coastlinesproject | January 28, 2013

Fracking in Western Massachusetts??

If you’ve seen Matt Damon’s newest movie Promised Land, you know that the dangerous gas drilling process known as fracking is an environmental tragedy unfolding in rural Pennsylvania.

But it could happen here.

Geologists recently discovered shale gas in Western Massachusetts, and there is a real possibility that dirty gas drilling could begin in our state.

Let’s keep fracking out of Massachusetts.

Western Mass. is the site of the Pioneer Valley and the Mohawk Trail, the Connecticut River and family farms, picturesque small towns and the drinking water supply for more than 2 million Bostonians.

The last thing we need are gas drillers to bulldoze their way into the area and start injecting toxic chemical-laden water deep into the ground to force gas to the surface.

In Pennsylvania, fracking is contaminating drinking water sources, making nearby residents sick, spewing global warming pollution, and turning rural landscapes into industrial zones.

Don’t let them frack Western Mass. Join us in taking a stand against dirty drilling.

If we want to keep fracking out of Massachusetts, we’ll need to act fast – before oil and gas salesmen swindle property-owners into drilling leases and the lobbyists from Exxon and Halliburton hit Beacon Hill.

We want to deliver 1,500 petition signatures against fracking by Friday so that our leaders know that the western Mass. landscape, the quality of our air, and our precious drinking water are too valuable to risk.

Help us reach 1,500 signatures to keep Massachusetts safe from fracking.


Johanna Neumann

p.s. – Every single signature counts if we are going to keep Massachusetts safe from fracking, so please forward this petition to five friends who want to keep dangerous drilling out of our state.

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