Posted by: coastlinesproject | June 21, 2012

Cape Cod; great White Sharks wearing Radio Tags Return to Chatham.

Da-dum, da-dum: Sharks return to Cape

CHATHAM, Mass. -On the 37th anniversary of the release of the film “Jaws,” great white sharks have made their annual return to the waters off Cape Cod.


Two great white sharks were detected using radio transmitters off the Chatham coast this week. The sharks are two of the eight that have been tagged by marine biologists in recent years.

The sharks were off South Beach and Monomy, east of Chatham. The Chatham harbormaster said that the sharks were about one-half mile from shore.

In recent summers, Chatham has warned swimmers to keep their distance from the sharks, which are attracted by the seals which bask offshore and are a food source for the great whites.

There is no swimming ban in place so far this year.

“Jaws” was filmed on Martha’s Vineyard and released in 1975.


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Read more in “Beach Wars; 10,000 Years of Conflict and Change on a Barrier Beach.” See Strawberry Hill tab at the top of this page.


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