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Hook, Line and Dinner, 8pm Tonight on the Cooking Channel!

I Thought We Were Going Fishing

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Hook, Line and DinnerKenai, Alaska

This week on Hook, Line & Dinner, we head to Kenai, Alaska, to go fishing for arctic char and silver salmon. Fishing in Kenai is no easy adventure. The trick to catching salmon here is to fish where others can’t. We headed out to a place so far away, few people can figure out how to get there(and even fewer want to bother). We loaded up our pontoon plane, packed our guns and fishing gear and were on our way.

Hook, Line and DinnerReady, Set, Go

Yes, guns. Each guide had a revolver and a 12-gauge shotgun. Seems a little excessive, no? Well, in Kenai, it’s the norm. And that’s not because you might see a bear; it’s because you most certainly will see several bears. It almost seems the bears outnumber the people in Kenai.

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KENAI – This is Fishing. 8pm on Cooking Channel Tonight (8 photos)

bears, moose, salmon, guns, float planes, guitars, grilling and carving and eating…Done
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