Posted by: coastlinesproject | January 20, 2012

Turks and Caicos; Swimming with wild dolphins.

Hi all,
I am down here with John and my brother. Bill was the one that really inspired me to write the JoJo and Me book so I was so hoping he would get a chance to swim with him.
Yesterday we looked and looked for JoJo and were coming into OC our resort to tie up and go to lunch I let John off on the beach and Bill and I went to tie up the boat when I saw a shadow in the water and went nuts with excitement:)) I got in with brandy new scooter and JoJo came right over we then started swimming toward Club med boats I figured he was going for a noon day snooze so we could hang with him. Bill got boat off the mooring and came over. he put down the anchor and got a chance to meet joJo who looked right up at him. (now Bill’s hooked forever!!!) Later Jojo indicated that he wanted a ride behind our boat by swimming around to the back. Even Bill who doesn’t know JoJo could see just what he wanted. We pulled the anchor and headed in the direction he wanted!! we went miles and miles to the end of Pine Cay (any of you who bought my book can see on my map how long that is!!) When we got there he branched off I figured he either wanted to fish or there was another dolphin. But there were two dolphins and one was a young calf!!!!! I got in the water and JoJo came over to do the introductions as always I think he likes my new super water scooter as it goes fast!!! the calf started swimming behind the other to look at me then he got braver and braver and started circling me so close I could have touched him!!!! then he’s swim of and come whizzing at me full blast. His lips had a yellow tinge I was thinking maybe from nursing? After awhile I got in boat and decided to try my new camera a Go Pro which John gave me for Xmas. I have this sort of harness which goes over my head (look like a Martian with snorkel mask and scooter ) Got back in and he came right over at speed by this time JoJo has left me with Mom and calf!!!! at times I couldn’t even see where Mom was!!!! I’m so honored that they trust me with their calf! He had one slit so I believe he’s a boy and full of it!!! We played for over a half hour I was getting nauseous from going in little circles which he seemed to like! I got some footage but I guess the battery was not fully charged but I was thrilled to get anything and at least turn it on correctly as electronics are hardly my strong suit.
a very happy elated

Read more in JoJo and Me, see Strawberry Hill Books tab at top of this page.



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