Posted by: coastlinesproject | December 30, 2011

Worldwide and Chatham Tides Will Continue to Drop in January.

Chatham Tides will continue to drop dramatically in January making significant erosion incidents less likely if the weather continues to cooperate. There will be 17 days of greater than 5 foot tides, but 12 of them will be less that 5.2 feet, so there will only be 4 days January 21 to January 24 when the tides will be of concern. The highest tide will only be 5.4 feet. These are the most moderate monthly tides we have seen for about five years.

Compare these tides to the last few years of high proxigean tides when the tides were over 6 feet at Aunt Lydia’s Cove. This will make the decision to remove the 5 CCNS camps more problematic. The deadline for their removal if they are removed in 2012 will be April 1st when the plover. (That is not a joke.) These tides bode well for worldwide tides and the entire East Coast as well.

read more in “Storm Surge,” and “Sea Level Rising; The Chatham Story.” see UPNE and Schiffer tabs at the top of this page.

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