Posted by: coastlinesproject | May 23, 2011

A Hobbesian Choice- with map

New Orleans Faces A Hobbesian Choice

So far the national media has not realized that Army Corps of Engineers must make A Hobbesian choice in the next two weeks. If they do nothing the Mississippi River levees will collapse and New Orleans will face far worse flooding than it did after Katrina. If the Corps opens the Morganza spillway 300 miles north of New Orleans they will be making a $18 billion dollar gamble that they can safely divert half of the flow of the Mississippi down the Atchafalaya River basin. This is a little like trying to hold back the tide.

At a minimum the Corps will intentionally inundate the equivalent of a swath of land from about Boston to Washington under 5 to 25 feet of water. On Monday the Corps released a map of the area, which will be flooded, and officials have already started informing area residents to evacuate.

If the Corps loses control of the situation and the entire Mississippi diverts down the Atchafalaya as it wants to do and has done many times in the geological past, both New Orleans and Baton Rouge will lose their rivers. This would cripple America’s petroleum industry. Eventually the Gulf of Mexico will back up into the empty river basin with unknown consequences. So far only the New Orleans newspapers have printed the Corps of Engineers map, the rest of the country should be very concerned. .


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